A.Marie Costumes produces costume jewellery for TV, film and theatre and has a background in fine art and jewellery design. She also co-runs the jewellery line PAR ICI. Alynne is also an active member of the Executive Board of CAFTCAD, the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design, and is a permit with IATSE 873.

A.Marie Costumes is based in Toronto, Canada and most jewellery listed is available for sale or rental (unless listed as sold, custom or replica). If you're looking for something specific you don't see, please get in touch. A.Marie Costumes also holds a large vintage collection that's not online. It's also possible to source things like pendants and rings in any size with patterns or figural designs.

Contact amariecostumes@gmail.com or call/text 1 416 727 2596 with questions or to purchase.

Freelance work appears in:

Departure (TV Series, Season 1, 2019)

What We Do in the Shadows (TV Series, Season 1, 2019)

Umbrella Academy (TV Series, Season 1, 2019)

October Faction (TV Series, Season 1, 2019)

It 2 (Film, 2019)

Le Prince OubliƩ (Film, 2019)

Shazam! (Film,  2019)

American Gods (TV series, Season 2,  2019)

Ocean's Eight (Film, 2018)

Fahrenheit 451 (Film, 2018)

Killjoys (TV Series, Season 4 & 5, 2018-2019)

Shadow Hunters (TV Series, Season 3, 2018)

Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series, Season 1 & 2 2017-2019)

Franklin (Film, TBD)

Condor (TV Series, Season 1, 2018)

Locke & Key (TV Series pilot, 2017)

Taken (TV Series, Season 2, 2017-2018)

In Contempt (TV Series, Season 1, 2018)

The Shape of Water (Film, 2017)

American Gods (TV Series, season 1, 2017)

Gotham (TV Series, Season 3, 2017)

Wish Upon (Film, 2017)

Molly's Game (Film, 2017)

Reign (TV Series, Season 3 and 4, 2016/17)

The Strain (TV Series, Season 3, 2016)

Transylvania (TV Pilot, 2016)

Please visit paricijewellery.com to view the contemporary design line made in collaboration with Eve Tobolka.


The A.Marie Costumes / Alynne Lavigne studio is in the College and Dufferin area in Toronto, please feel free to e-mail or call/text with any questions or make an appointment to stop by.

amariecostumes@gmail.com  |  416-727-2596

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